Pontoons & Barges

Fab-Tech Industries design and manufacture aluminum pontoons and barges. Each unit may be custom designed to suit your specifications. Featured below are some of the projects that we have had the opportunity to fabricate for our customers. 

Mussel Harvesting & Production Barge

image-shadow; Mussel-ProductionThis 50' long x 20' wide Mussel Harvesting & Production Barge was fabricated to include all the equipment necessary to run & manage mussel grow out & harvesting sites. This barge will provide year after year of worry free performance. Add the propulsion of your choice to the outboard engine lifts and the cabin/wheel house with lunch room, washroom facilities and heating, you and your crew will work in comfort.



Feed Storage Barge

image-shadow; FEED-STORAGE

The "Silver Feeder," is a feed storage barge. This barge is 60' long x 22' wide with a carrying capacity of 40+ tons. Complete with a hydraulic crane of the customer's choice, safety railing, towing bollards & anodes, this barge is ready to handle your onsite feed storage needs.

The "Silver Sea Horse", is a feed storage and feed distribution barge. This barge, like the "Silver Feeder" is 60' long x 22' wide with a carrying capacity of 40+ tons. In addition to the hydraulic crane and controls, railing, bollards and anodes, this barge is fitted with a wheel house & toilet facilities as well as a propulsion system. 


Mussel Socking & Harvesting Barge

image-shadow; MUSSEL-HARVESTING-PRODUCTIONThe "Edulus", is a mussel socking and harvesting barge. At 67' long x 22' wide, there is more than adequate storage and production space, as well as safe operating space. Powered by two 210 HP Cummins Diesel engines & two 50 HP hydraulic powered side thrusters, the "Edulus" has enough power at its command to handle most any task it is set to do. The barge has a 10-tonne palfinger crane to handle all of its lifting operations and the crew has all the comforts of home in the heated wheel house complete with enclosed head, fresh water facilities, lunch table & dry room.

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